Hi, I'm Jack Yeh

I am a DLR (Germany's NASA) rocket scientist turned product designer. I've designed everything from space laser comms systems to web and mobile products.

I love to take on BIG challenges. Because once you've done rocket science, well, you know what they say - the rest isn't exactly rocket science.

So why the change at all?

Two reasons: impact and rate of learning. I felt I could make a greater impact on science as a founder of STEMN (GitHub for science) than as an aerospace engineer. As a founder, I'm rarely in my comfort zone, always taking on new challenges and learning every day.

I love to get deep into a user's problem, to empathize and contextualize it from their perspective. As a former rocket scientist, I can deconstruct complex systems to come up with an intuitive solution that makes users beam with delight.

So if you're on an audacious mission and have a BIG challenge for me, I'd love to hear from you. My calendar is usually booked up 2-4 weeks in advance, but if your problem piques my interest, I might be able to move things around for you

I could tell you how awesome it is to work with me, or tell you about the amazing experiences I could create for your customers. But why listen to me when you can get it from my happy customers?

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