About Me

Hello! My name is Jack. I'm an engineer, product designer, and writer. The most important thing to me is improving well-being through progress in our systems, and through science and technology. I obsess over ideas in NewSpace, but also have varying interest in:

  • Systems engineering and incentive design
  • Decision psychology
  • Learning meta-learning skills with compounding returns (learning to learn, learning to read, learning techniques to augment working memory)
  • Nutrition, health, and fitness
  • Evolutionary biology
  • Art history
  • Architecture

These days, I work on designing and building decentralised systems of communication and coordination. Previously, I worked on designing systems to best align incentives around a child's education at Outschool and ClassDojo. Prior to tech, I was an aerospace engineer at DLR (German Aerospace Center) in Munich, and was a co-founder of STEMN (Startmate, 2016), an open source network for science and engineering research.

Standing invitation

Part of my motivation of writing publicly is to connect with other curious people. To take a page from Patrick McKenzie's standing invitations:

If you want to talk space, systems, or some other odd peculiarities, I want to talk to you.

You can reach me via Twitter (@jckyeh) or email jack@ this domain.